Creator Aurélie Debusschère

Aurélie is a consultant specialized in indigenous tourism and humanist photography. She’s been researching indigenous communities for over 10 years in order to offer travelers and tourism professionals access to trips that are adapted to the way of life of the different First Nations.
Aurélie is the creator of Native Immersion, a Geneva based NGO aiming at educating and inspiring the traveler about indigenous cultures and human immersive travel worldwide.
Creator of Mayoke Photography, humanist photography & films and healing techniques through phototherapy.

Co-Creator Jean-Philippe Le Moigne

Jean-Philippe is a consultant specialized in Sustainable Tourism, Ecotourism, Community-Based & Indigenous Tourism, and Tourism in Protected Areas. During the last 15 years he has been involved in projects including indigenous tourism development, ecotourism planning, monitoring impacts of tourism, territorial tourism evaluation, and protected area planning.
Today Jean-Philippe is part of different organizations leading projects in Chile by supporting the development of indigenous tourism, and developing Ecotourism Plans in China. Moreover, he is the Secretary of the NGO Native Immersion (Geneva), Ecotourism Specialist for Oréade – Brèche Consultancy (France) and National Coordinator in Chile for Travolution Foundation.