Wisdom of the elder

Elders are the keepers of our world’s history. Imagine a platform where we can collect and share Elder’s stories, picturing the wisdom of our ancestors that would offer generations and peoples an access to universal wisdom.

Indigenous world tour

Develop a service to generate unseen immersions for world tourers within indigenous communities only. Transform individual or family world tours into life changing initiatory paths among Earth’s guardians territories, to understand better the bond between human & Nature and become conscious ambassadors.

Protecting indigenous lands through ecotourism

Knowing that 80% of the Earth’s biodiversity is located on indigenous lands, we believe that maintaining indigenous sovereignty on their ancestral lands is essential for our planet’s future. According to our visions, ecotourism is a significant and sustainable tool to assist this fulfillment.

Multi-languages storytelling platform

Manage an online library for indigenous languages to keep them alive and enable story recordings, translated in multiple languages. Close to a Wikimedia, this platform will help develop a rich collection of human stories for cultural conservation.

Connecting the youth through rewilding camps

Organize highly original and educative immersions within boreal and alpine forests for the youth, indigenous and Europeans, to experiment rewilding processes and share cross-cultural knowledge.

Original touch & phototherapy as healing techniques

Deeply concerned by the decolonization of mind & bodies, we experiment and research techniques to educate the western mind about reality of indigenous world and at the same time propose techniques to heal the wounds of colonialist systems. We propose indigenous communities some tested techniques through therapeutic touch, photography and rituals to rebuild deeper senses of belonging, pride and identity. Above all for native women, carriers of the community’s core.