Indigenous and community based tourism

We provide complete solutions to give life to indigenous and community based experiences worldwide and enhance them. From market and environmental studies, indigenous entrepreneurs training, uniqueness definition & cultural signature to mindful representation on major travel markets, we assist you in creating the most human & sustainable opportunities for your people. To educate and inspire the traveler about unique native stories, we have created Native Immersion, a European based NGO dedicated to showcase worldwide indigenous experiences. Experiences completed in Canada, France, Switzerland, Chile, Ecuador & China.

Research in social sciences & tourism

Passionate researchers, we believe in the harmonious mix between ancient knowledge and innovation. Sharing conversations with indigenous and medicine people, specialists and therapists, we are faithfully drawing a map of conscious, fair and human/nature-friendly, inspiring ecosystems. We deliver workshops, publish articles and shorts of our explorations and pilot projects about community ecotourism, self-sufficient societies as well as healing methods for decolonization of minds, high potential beingsā€¦And much more interconnected themes.

Storytelling : crossing voices

Decolonizing minds is part of our biggest challenges. We use the storytelling process to promote sustainable travel in crossing and sharing perspectives between indigenous hosts and their guests. We build inspiring story collections to make humanity an universal concept.

Community development

We are deeply convinced that intergenerational connections are the core of a well balanced human society. This is the reason why we commit into creative projects that draw the youth & the elders together, through transmissions of knowledge, wisdoms & community stories. We participate into native language enhancement and heritage conservation.